Recent legislation and funding, including CARES Act dollars, have

been announced; however, there is much more work to

be done to find real solutions for

Copiah, Lawrence, Lincoln, and Walthall counties.


Jason believes that government should be run from the citizens up,

not bureaucracy down. He is not in favor of big government, over regulation

or tax increases; however, he is in favor of the people having a strong voice

at the capitol and at the ballot box, and helping families and small businesses

keep more of their hard-earned money in their own pocket where it belongs.



Now, more than ever, accessible,

affordable healthcare, especially for

our most vulnerable residents and

veterans, is crucial. And while

funding for our rural hospitals is

vital for them to

remain operational and provide

essential health services to our

communities, increased pay for

nurses is also vital so that

we can stop losing good healthcare

workers to better paying

jobs in surrounding states.


​Quality education for students and

placing teacher salaries, supply

funds, and secure benefits at

the forefront is absolutely essential.

We must ensure adequate funding

to help school districts flourish,

prepare students for success, and

provide teachers with promised pay raises.

Jason's family has 85 years of

combined public school teaching

experience. He will be a strong voice

for education, parents, students, and teachers.

To learn more about where he stands

regarding vouchers, MAEP,

students with special needs,

teacher pay raises and lobbyists,

please click here.



In Southwest Mississippi, small

businesses are the cornerstones

of our communities and good

jobs are necessary for the

health and well-being of our families.

We need to reopen the economy and

continue to strengthen workforce

development through programs like

ReSkillMS as part of our economic

recovery plan so that we emerge

stronger and more resilient than ever before.



We know that safe roads and bridges are necessary for economic

development, work, and school. Through fiscal responsibility and

reevaluating sources of revenue, I believe we can find the needed

funding for repairs without increasing

taxes. I am committed to working with

municipal and county officials

throughout the district to address

all infrastructure needs,

from roads, bridges, and potholes

to utility and fire services.



High speed internet is no longer a

luxury, it is a necessity due to distance

learning, telemedicine, telecommuting,

and small businesses. Working

closely with electric co-ops

and state agencies

will help secure needed grants to

expand rural broadband in our area.



Jason will always protect the lives of the unborn. He believes in the

sanctity of life and opposes tax-payer dollars funding abortions.



As a life-long supporter of the

2nd Amendment

and an "A" rating from the NRA,

you can count on Jason to fight to

protect the right of the people to

keep and bear arms, and

support hunters and gun owners.



Jason's education; work experience as an attorney and former

public school teacher; and being a small business owner who is

actively involved throughout our communities, uniquely qualifies

him to move us forward with fair, transparent leadership as we

address the issues of infrastructure, economy, jobs, education,

healthcare, and rural broadband.




"If you had been senator during the

2020 session, how would you

have voted regarding

the Mississippi state flag?"

The bottom line is that


should have been given the

opportunity to vote at the ballot box,

but your voice was taken away.

I would have voted for


to be heard through your vote.